Who is Breyana Shawneice?

Hello and welcome to Styledbybreyana! I’m so happy to be the first person to give you a warm welcome. I hope that as I continue to grow my blog and Styledbybreyana as a whole, that you’ll choose to grow with me. Now that’s over with, I feel the need to introduce myself.. because well.. who wants to read a blog and they don’t even know who the author is?? I don’t know about you but whether I’m reading a book, blog, or listening to a podcast I need to feel some kind of connection to the person or characters. So that’s what today’s post is going to be about.. ME.

Contrary to popular belief I am not a big fan of talking about myself. When I’m having a conversation I listen, I laugh, and I give feedback and not much else. Why? I really don’t know. Maybe i’m more intrigued with other people’s lives and problems, maybe I don’t think I’m that interesting, or maybe, just maybe, it’s a combination of both. The one thing I do know though, is that talking about myself makes me nervous. However, when it comes to blogging or me filming for my brand I don’t mind much at all. It’s crazy I know, but it’s what makes me a great stylist and friend. When I have time, I love spending it with my little family (my husband and dog), my friends, and my extended family (I classify everyone who’s not in my household as extended.. fight me). I am super passionate about fashion, art, building wealth, and making others feel good about themselves. I am a proud and imperfect woman of God and I enjoy giving back and serving others. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m very straightforward, kind, and full of life (at least I hope that’s the vibe that you get lol).

I can be very extroverted but I am also very introverted as well. I love meeting new people especially on social media (the support is different when you have long distance friends lol). I enjoy supporting and uplifting other women as well as causes/events that I believe in. I’m a full time entrepreneur so I’m always working so if you don’t hear from me as much please don’t take offense I’m just getting to the bag so I can throw you a dinner party okuuur. I have an old soul and I also have a special place in my heart for the elderly.. probably because we have similar views and agree on most things. The final thing that I have to say (and this is a given) is that Styledbybreyana is my heart and soul and I literally put everything I have into it. Overtime you’ll be able to learn more about me and my unique personality but for now I’m stopping it here. I had more fun writing this than I expected and I hope you found it amusing as well.

Oh, one more thing! I’m very big on keeping things neat and organized. So blogs that surround my life and things about me will be listed under the “Personal Blog” category. That’s all. You may now carry on to the reader and guest readers question below :)

Questions For Readers & Guest Readers:

Okay so I’m super curious and want to know if I have anything in common with anyone reading this post? I always get excited to know that there is someone out there like me. Let me know in the comment section below.