Meet The Team


Breyana Shawneice, CPS

I am Breyana Shawneice the founder and head stylist of this fabulous brand. I have over three years experience in professional wardrobe styling with a background in celebrity styling, personal styling, runway styling, event styling, and fashion merchandising. However, my specialty is in Modest Fashion. My mission for this brand is to create a space where modest fashion and runway fashion can coexist.

I am extremely big on fashion (obviously!). I am a fur mama, a soon to be wife, a natural born creator, and an avid reader. My favorite pastimes are traveling, spending time with my family, creating new experiences, and serving others in any way that I can.

My overall responsibility here is to make sure that things run smoothly, hand select and style all of our merchandise, style you, and most importantly serve you by creating a unique and unmatched experience. The joyful moments to me are not when I am getting paid (even though I do enjoy those moments too) but it’s when I can make another woman feel beautiful. That is the foundation that my brand is built on.

Here’s my favorite quote: “You don’t worry about fitting in when you are custom made.” -Unknown


Bobby Wright III

I am Bobby Wright and I am the Photographer, Video Editor, Ad Marketing Manager, and HR Manager for this company. I wear a lot of hats in this company but I consider myself to be a well rounded renaissance man. I have a plethora of different skills, but video editing and motivational speaking tend to be my strong suits (hence the HR title). My mission for this brand is to make it the best that it can be while honoring God.

I am a Godly man who loves motivational speaking, music, and pushing everybody to be the best they can be. I enjoy watching sports (Go Memphis!), making music, and spending time with my wife and dog.

My responsibilities here include taking photos and videos of the modeling team, on boarding new staff, and coming up with Ad campaigns that best reflect the brand. My most joyful moments here are when I get to see the spiritual transformation of clients, customers, and staff.

Here’s my favorite quote: “The only one stopping you is you.” -Bobby Wright III